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DropLED is the universal LED ceiling assembly by innermost.

An evolution of the traditional ceiling assembly, DropLED gives all pendants a dedicated LED option. A simple LED module that does not require complicated installation or need a bulky driver to operate, this dimmable luminaire consumes minimal energy while providing beautiful lighting.

The DropLED unit can be made to fit any existing E27 (or E26) fitting that uses a standard screw fit; meaning there’s no need to alter any other specifications to have the latest LED technology. This will give designers greater freedom to specify LED in areas that were previously not energy efficient, such as in traditional lampshades.

DropLED is dimmable and compatible with leading/trailing edge and Triac/Lutron dimming. It comes with 3 lens options that can be easily clipped on by the user to achieve their preferred lighting effect. These are:
Frosted Globe – This 43mm diameter frosted white globe will diffuse an even soft light 270° around the luminaire.
Clear Lens – This small lens provides an even downward illumination over 220° with a stronger beam at the centre.
Frosted Filament – This frosted cylindrical diffuser gives a strong point of light to replicate a traditional filament bulb.
And you can also use DropLED with no lens to give a wide even flood of light covering 120°.

We can supply all our standard table lamp bases such as Trumpet and Tripod with the same module by special order, perfect if you want to save energy costs in a larger hotel or residential installation.


White / Black / Satin nickel