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A large bench made of two glulam beams that ensure forest sustainability and mitigate the environmental impact. The Trapecio bench offers numerous uses and is perfect for public and private recreational areas. It is striking for its original design, lightness despite its size, and the beauty it brings to its surrounding space.

Materials and Finishes:

Structural timber beams 4.50 m long with an approximate section of 20 x 40 cm made from glulam, finished in an autoclave and treated with two-component oil.
The supports are made of hot-galvanised shaped steel with painted finish, to which the two beams are fixed using steel screws with anti-corrosive protection.
The bench is made of timber with no sapwood or C24 resin, pursuant to standard EN 338, with humidity between 8 and 15%. The wood is from central Europe and is obtained in full compliance with legal and environmental standards in the country of origin to ensure forest sustainability and reduce environmental impact. No wood is taken from primary forests.