NeoRomantico banqueta 100% aluminio

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NeoRomantico banqueta 100% aluminio

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Product of NeoRomantico banqueta 100% aluminio Product of NeoRomantico banqueta 100% aluminio


Complementing the NeoRomántico family, the NeoRomantico Banqueta offers a subtler, lighter, less prominent element. 
With the combination of two curved slats and two straight slats supported on two aluminium structures, a surface is generated on which to sit or lean. 
It contains 63% recycled material and is 99% recyclable. It is conceived to be easily assembled and dismantled, aiding its recycling. Moreover, 27% of the energy used to manufacture comes from renewable sources.

Materials and Finishes:

Cast aluminium structure with sandblasted finish and anti-rust protection or with plastic coating in light or dark grey (prices and delivery times for other colours available on request).
It is manufactured in anodized finish aluminium extrusion. This change of material represents an adaptation to the 21st century: 100% aluminium, recycled, recyclable and inalterable, allowing slats of up to 6m long without maintenance.
All the fastening bolts of the slats are in steel with anti-rust protection.


Various configurations available. Please contact ECC for more information.