NeoRomantico Liviano 100% aluminio

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NeoRomantico Liviano 100% aluminio

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The NeoRomántico Liviano 100% Aluminio  bench is the first piece of street furniture in Spain to be awarded the Cradle to Cradle® silver certificate for the environment.  

The legs are lighter, saving 4 Kg of aluminium per leg, and armrests have been added to make it more comfortable and suitable for all. Made of 63% recycled material and 99% recyclable, it has been awarded the Cradle to Cradle Silver certificate for the environment. It is designed to be assembled and dismantled easily and to facilitate recycling. Furthermore, 27% of the energy used in manufacturing comes from renewable sources.

Materials and Finishes:

AG3 cast aluminium structure with anodized finish or plastic coating in light or dark grey (prices and delivery times for other colours available on request). 
The slats are made of extruded aluminium with anodized finish. This change in materials is a 21st-century adaptation: 100% aluminium, recycled, recyclable and enduring; affording slats of up to 6 m long with no maintenance.
All anchor screws for the slats are made of stainless steel.


Various configurations available. Please contact ECC for more information.