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Santa & Cole
Product of Macaya


Disc-shaped recessed wall light with two cover options (street or translucent) to meet very different needs, either as a beacon or for street lighting. It can also be used to house PA or ventilation equipment, and as a connection log.
Discrete and available in two sizes, it is used in public and private spaces alike, both indoor and outdoor.

Materials and Finishes:

Body made in cast aluminium with anti-corrosive protection. 
The dish is made of type A-S13 or L-2520 cast aluminium, with surface protection afforded through an oxidation process to retain the appearance of the aluminium base. 
The street cover is made of brushed aluminium with an injected polycarbonate diffuser that takes the form of ten horizontal rows grouped into two symmetrical columns. 
The translucent cover consists of a brushed aluminium injection ring housing a solid disc of translucent polycarbonate.

Lamp Type:

The dish is equipped with an LED technology plate with the following characteristics according to the size of the wall light:

3.5 W 29 SMD LEDs (cool white light, 6500 K). 

6 W 53 SMD LEDs (cool white light, 6500 K).