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A versatile street lamp with simple, geometric lines, devised to draw lines of light in the sky. Its structure enables a range of different combinations and shapes. It can be combined with the Vía Láctea Pergola to create large spaces that are shaded during the day and lit at night. The support structure and luminaire form a single piece. The lower part of the column has a square cross-section and forks at the upper section to form a 90º angle. The luminaire is perpendicular to the support structure.

Materials and Finishes:

The column is made from galvanised structural steel with a painted finish and a base of 150 x 100 mm with a rectangular 100 x 50 mm base with control hatch and forked mast of 100 x 50 mm. The shade has a rectangular section (single for one luminaire and double for two) and is made of the same material. The luminaire body, casing and refractor cover are made of coextruded polycarbonate and the side caps of injected polycarbonate.

Lamp Type:

One or two fluorescent holder luminaires according to the size of the metal shade, to house two linear fluorescent lamps of 58 W each. Luminaires for a single 58 W lamp can also be provided. The luminaires have an anodised sheet aluminium reflector in the interior for optimum performance.