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An elegant street lamp with modern lines and a calm presence, especially designed to resist impact. The ribbed shade of the Universal street lamp softens its shape and tones down the light, creating an aureole effect. Designed by Jorge Pensi, this urban street lamp adds a touch of elegance to the urban environment, respecting the past without seeking to stand out.

Materials and Finishes:

Luminaire body comprising translucent polyethylene natural colour ribbed diffuser made by rotational moulding, and mass coloured opaque polyethylene upper hood with an interior aluminium reflector. The polyethylene is treated for UV protection in both components. The lower neck – the transition between the luminaire and the columns - is made of cast aluminium and powder-painted in the same grey as the upper hood. The Nikolson column (S&C) is recommended for the Universal luminaire since it features special safety anchorage of 55 mm in diameter. Nikolson column is made of galvanised steel with grey painted finish. The base tube is Ø 127 mm and 1.00 m high. The upper tube is Ø 100 mm and 2.20 m or 2.80 m high. The connecting ring between the two tubes is made of die cast steel and welded to the upper tube. The two tubes are welded together. It can be supplied painted.

Lamp Type:

Comprises a diffusor and upper hood that contains an aluminium reflector. Designed to house metal halide or high-pressure sodium vapour discharge lamps (max. 250 W). Two-level equipment can also be provided.