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Santa & Cole
Product of Sara


A street lamp comprising two crossed columns that house a twofold lighting system: the taller column uses four directional floodlights to emit direct light, while the lower column uses two fluorescent holder luminaires to create ambient light. The positioning of the two columns is reminiscent of the Saint Patrick’s Street and Grand Parade junction in Cork (Ireland), for which it was designed. A single Sara version comprising a single 10-metre high column and up to 4 floodlights is also available.

Materials and Finishes:

Street lamp of 9.70 m, comprising two columns of differing heights made of galvanised steel with grey paint finish, joined together in the form of a cross by an AISI 316 stainless steel axis. The tallest column tapers and is 10 m long. It supports four directional floodlights made of grey painted cast aluminium, a turned aluminium reflector with anodised finish and tempered glass cover. The other column is 6 m long and supports two fluorescent holder luminaires. The luminaire body, casing and refractor cover are made of coextruded polycarbonate and the side caps of injected polycarbonate.

Lamp Type:

Four revolving floodlights with semi-extensive optics that contain the auxiliary fittings and can house metal halide or high-pressure sodium vapour discharge lamps (max. 250 W). Two-level equipment can also be provided. Two fluorescent holder luminaires to house two linear fluorescent lamps of 58 W each. Luminaires for a single 58 W lamp can also be provided. The luminaires have an anodised sheet aluminium reflector in the interior for optimum performance.