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The Rama Garden lamp is an adapted version of the Rama street light featuring a different system to attach the luminaire body to the column. Instead of a classic clamp fastening, the luminaire sits on top of the column. The luminaire body (single or double) is made from a single piece with no intermediate joints, and is coupled to the column at a right angle, affording a pure shape that is even simpler than its predecessor. The high efficiency of the LED system, with low energy use and accurate control of emitted light, coupled with adjustable light emission according to requirement, affords optimum energy consumption and minimum light pollution. Long useful life of over 60,000 hours.

Materials and Finishes:

Recycled extruded aluminium body with anodised finish with aluminium injection caps at each end and grey paint finish. Extruded aluminium interior sink with black anodised finish. Transparent methacrylate cover. Columns with a height of 3.70 and 5.20 m, circular cross-section tube of Ø 114mm in extruded aluminium with anodised finish, for 1 or 2 luminaires at the same height.

Lamp Type:

Optical unit with LED technology light distribution refractor lenses. Adjustable electronic fittings. Lamp can be powered from 350 mA to 500 mA.