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Santa & Cole
Product of Lentis


A new, enhanced version of the classic globe street lamp, which emits more light downwards and minimises light pollution. Alfredo Arribas has designed a modern, lens-shaped street lamp that enables more light to be projected from the lower half of the classic globe and features an internal reflector, making the top half opaque and therefore minimising light pollution. By flattening the classic globe, the reflection surface area is increased, along with its performance. It is supported on a classic cylindrical shaft that does not detract from the luminaire. The outcome is a pleasant street lamp that adapts to all types of urban scenario.

Materials and Finishes:

Luminaire body comprising diffusor made of natural colour translucent polyethylene, Ø 85 cm. Coupling between luminaire and column made of anti-corrosive treated cast aluminium with sandblasted finish. Cylindrical column, Ø 114 mm diameter, made of galvanised steel painted grey or AISI 316 stainless steel with sand finish.

Lamp Type:

Interior reflector made of aluminium and powder-painted white, located in the upper half. Designed to house metal halide or high-pressure sodium (max. 150 W) discharge lamps. Two-level equipment can also be provided. 150 W MH (HIE-CE/m E40) 150 W HPSV (HSE-MF E40)