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Santa & Cole
Product of Latina


A lamp of extraordinary artistic beauty to illuminate large spaces. Designed especially for Rotterdam port, its lateen-sail shape was inspired by the enormous loading cranes used at docks. This 15-metre high street lamp comprises three elements: shaft, floodlight support and a brace that lends rigidity to the entire structure.

Materials and Finishes:

Shaft made of Corten steel, 7 m high, with upper square cross-section base and a forked cross-section. It can be delivered in galvanised steel and painted. Floodlight support made of galvanised steel tube, with rectangular cross-section for five revolving floodlights. Brace made of round galvanised steel tube. Directional floodlight body made of cast aluminium and painted grey; turned aluminium reflector with anodised finish and tempered glass diffuser.

Lamp Type:

Five revolving floodlights with semi-extensive optics that contain the auxiliary fittings and can house metal halide or high-pressure sodium discharge lamps (max. 250 W). Two-level equipment can also be provided. 70 I 100 I 150 I 250 W HM (HIE-CE/m E27/E40) 70 I 100 I 150 I 250 W VSAP (HSE-MF E27/E40)