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This lamp uses reflected light to illuminate public spaces, bringing a typically indoor light quality to the urban landscape.

Materials and Finishes:

Curved shade made of galvanised steel with white powder paint finish. Bracket for shade and projector made of galvanised steel with blue powder paint finish (RAL 5023). Grey painted cast aluminium floodlight and tempered glass cover to house high-pressure sodium or metal halide discharge lamps. Two floodlight sizes available: small 70 W and large 150 W. It is recommended that the luminaire be fitted to a Nikolson column (S&C) since this features special safety anchorage of 50 mm in diameter. The column can also be supplied painted. Nikolson column made of galvanised steel with grey painted finish. The base tube is Ø 127 mm and 1.00 m high. The upper tube is Ø 100 mm and 2.20 m or 2.80 m high. The connecting ring between the two tubes is made of die cast steel and welded to the upper tube. The two tubes are welded together. It can be supplied painted.

Lamp Type:

Indirect lighting system comprising a projector and a shade. The projector houses the auxiliary fittings and reflector, projecting the light emitted onto the upper shade, which acts as a second reflective element. 70 I 150 W MH (HIT-CE-DE Rx7s) 70 I 150 W HSPV (HST-DE Rx7s)