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Candela LED

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A LED street lamp designed to light large city roads that is a more advanced and technologically enhanced version of its discharge predecessor. The luminaire neatly contains the optical and electrical fittings. With high energy efficiency, adjustability and precise light distribution (cut-off), light pollution is significantly reduced. Long lifespan of over 60,000 hours. The Candela LED comprises three parts: body, variable-length arm and column bracket.

Materials and Finishes:

Recycled aluminium body with a paint finish. Aluminium injection base and cap with a grey powder coating. Anodised aluminium extrusion heat sink and tempered glass diffuser. The two standard arm sizes (75 or 150 cm) adjust the distance between luminaire and column, making it easy to adapt to nearby trees. Extruded aluminium means that the arm can be adjusted to up to 300 cm, at which a point a reinforcing strut is required. Cylindrical column clamp of 127 mm (compatible with the Rama column family). Columns of 6.20, 8.20 and 10.20 m high with two circular tube sections measuring Ø 168 mm at the bottom and Ø 127 mm at the top. The columns are made of galvanised steel with a grey paint finish.

Lamp Type:

LED technology optical unit with light distribution refractors. Adjustable electronic equipment to power the lamp from 350 mA to 500 mA.