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Santa & Cole
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A simple, functional street lamp created around an angle with a continuous rectangular-section shaft, designed to be useful without standing out. Tubular structure with rectangular cross-section in which the column and the arm of the luminaire form the same piece. The arm is inclined at an angle of 15 degrees to the horizontal and houses the luminaire.

Materials and Finishes:

Column and arm made of a continuous galvanised steel tube section with a grey paint finish.


Measuring 120 x 280 mm and 2.5 mm thick (4.7 m street lamp), and 150 x 300 mm and 4 mm thick (7.7 m street lamp).

Lamp Type:

108 Luminaire: Optical unit with light distribution comprising high-gloss extruded anodized aluminium reflector and tempered glass diffuser, for metal halide or high-pressure sodium discharge lamps (max. 150 W). Two-level equipment can also be provided. 70 l 100 l 150 W HM (HIT-CE E27/E40) 70 l 100 l 150 W VSAP (HST-MF E27/E40)

108 LED Luminaire: Optical unit based on closed LED technology modules using light distribution refractor lenses. Set of 36 LEDs (max. 55 W) for 4.7 m lamp and 72 LEDs (max. 110 W) for 7.7 m lamp. Neutral white light tone (4500 K). It can also be provided in warm white light tone (3000 K). Adjustable electronic power supply.