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Basis / Reflex Suspension

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Reflex and Basis are two of Serien’s designs and are still very much a part of the program. Surely this has something to do with their architectural formal language. Reflex has proved to the the ideal luminaire for standard centre-ceiling connections: Regardless of the colour of the ceiling its own reflector zone ensures equal brightness throughout the room. The floor Luminaire Basis is a movable addition to the programme. Given the flat reflector it emits a wide angle of light. Equipped with a 400 Watt halogen bulb, Basis is ideal for illuminating ceilings in a powerful light. The dimmer is intefrated in the base.


Basis: W 20 cm x L 20 cm x H 190 cm

Also Available in:

Reflex: W 20 cm x L 20 cm x H 35 cm

W 20 cm x L 20 cm x H 50 cm

W 20 cm x L 20 cm x H 77 cm