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Jones Floor Lamp

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Behind its matter-of-fact appearance, Jones conceals multiple lighting functions. This floor luminaire is capable of illuminating an entire roon as an up-light, or emitting atmonpheric as well as reading light. The type of lighting desired can be chosedby means of two knobs on the stem. When pressed this can be adjusted at ease – extended fully upwards the light floods over the outer edge and Jones becomes an up-light. Set to the middle position the shade emits coloured, diffused light. With the tube set to its lowest level, Jones gives off lateral downwards light. Jones produces coloured light by means of a coloured glass cylindar in the middle of the shade. This is easy to remove and is available in a choice of orange, yellow or blue glass. Jones is dimmable. There is also an exclusive Master version. The shade on Johnes Master is made of laminated fabric and boasts a particularly high-end finish.


D 34 cm x H 154-172 cm

Also Available in:

D 45 cm x H 154-172 cm