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Club Table Lamp

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With their reserved design all the models in this family stand symbolically for an archetypal luminance. The shade is made of laminated fabric but deliberately does without traditional wiring – the cylindrical body is fastened on the side by two slender holders made of translucent acrylic. This prevents dark edges appearing when the shade is lit. Switched on, the luminaires create friendly atmospheric light, which can be controlled by two knobs on the sides of the shade: One is for dimming, the other for controlling the direction of light – the three bulbs inside the shade can emit their light more strongly up or downwards, while to the side it is always diffuse. All models are available with shades of varying sizes and colours.


D 16.5 cm x H 54.5 cm

Also Available in:

D 16.5 cm x H 74.5 cm

D 20 cm x H 60 cm

D 20 cm x H 80 cm

D 26 cm x H 54.5 cm

D 26 cm x H 74.5 cm