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Product of iPro


A line of spotlights developed as a discreet, yet flexible answer to multiple lighting needs in urban architecture and residential areas.

iPro is available in three sizes (small, medium and large body) and is characterised by a compact, essential design that has been especially studied to simplify installation and maintenance operations with minimum visual impact.

Invisible gaskets, flush protection glass, pull-out component-plate, simplified opening with captive screws of lid and front frame, and hidden adjustable bracket are just a few of the many pluses of this line.

The wide selection of accessories, which includes spill rings for all the optics, and the practical adjustability of the body convert iPro in a highly flexible product able to guarantee high performance with maximum visual comfort.

The use of the innovative Power LED technology, available for the small and medium body, in warm white and neutral white colour temperatures, creates suggestive atmospheres, delivering excellent light output and high energy saving.

The iPro system boasts a large selection of accessories to ensure flexible lighting and meet the lighting and safety requirements of application settings at best.

The chromatic filters, the glass diffusers and refractors, and the cylindrical screen for better definition and focusing of light cone, the flaps, visors and lamellar louvers ensure extreme adaptability to lighting schemes, while the practical grid for glass protection guarantees total safety against vandalism.


white, silver

various sizes available

Halogen, Metal Halide or LED